Wanna make a movie? We Want YOU!!

On the weekend of May 19, we held a 48 hour film making challenge for film makers in Okotoks and the surrounding area. Teams were given a genre, prop and line of dialogue to use and then they had 48 hours to write, shoot and edit their film. All films that were completed before the deadline and met the guidelines of the challenge were screened during our Festival, and awards were presented to films for Best Film, Best Use of Prop, Best Use of Line, Best Use of Genre and Audience Choice.

We'll be running a similar event again next year, so check back here or Like our Facebook page and keep your eyes open for more details. We'll leave the old Rules and Regulations down below for now too, so you know what to expect.

Rules and Regulations


Films created during the challenge will be 5-7 minutes in length, and must use a specified genre, prop and and line of dialogue.

Package pick-up is on May 19th at 6PM in the Okotoks Town Plaza (by the Heartland Cafe).

Drop off your film on May 21st by 6PM at the Okotoks Film Festival office (at BlueCurtain).

All ages are welcome to join in, but team leaders must be over 18.


  1. Teams must be able to complete their film within the official time of the 48 Hour Challenge. This time is from 6PM, May 19th to 6PM, May 21st. No exceptions will be made to dates of challenge.
  2. Films will be between 5-7 minutes in length and incorporate the prop, line of dialogue, and genre listed on the assignments page in each team’s production package.
  3. All ages are welcome to compete in the challenge; however, each team must have a team leader who is over the age of 18. In the case of teams created entirely of members under the age of 18 we ask that a parent be listed as team leader. Team leaders will be our point of sign off and contact.
  4. Teams have no size limit. However, 4-8 people is usually a reasonable size for a small production with such a time restraint. Consider finding actors, a director, a cinematographer, and an editor.
  5. All creativity will be completed within the official time. Creative tasks that must only be completed during the official time include: Script writing, editing, filming, and special effects. Tasks that may be completed before the official time begins include: hiring cast and crew, securing equipment, and obtaining permission from possible locations.
  6. All content within the films should be reasonable for all ages. Content must be legally and safely obtained.
  7. All participants on the team (cast, crew, musicians, or others) must be volunteer.
  8. Pick up of the Team’s Production Package must be done in person. Packages will be distributed at exactly 6PM on May 19th in the Okotoks Town Plaza (by the Heartland Cafe). Team’s Production Package will include: Assignment (prop, line of Dialogue, and genre), Challenge rules and regulations, release forms for filmmakers and cast, Filming in progress sign for public locations, festival contact info in case of questions, and the prop as listed in the assignment (which must appear in the film).
  9. Drop off of the finished film must be made in person at the Okotoks Film Festival office (at BlueCurtain). The office is located at 38 Elma Street, Okotoks and will be open for drop off starting at Noon on May 21st.
  10. Finished films should be dropped off on a USB stick. USBs should be clearly labeled with team name, contact number, and title of film. The USB will be returned at the screening of the 48 Hour Films during the Okotoks Film Festival in June.
  11. If you are unable to drop off your film before the 48 hour deadline (May 21st at 6PM) you may still drop it off before midnight on May 21st. The Festival will screen films that were submitted late but these films will not be eligible for any awards.
  12. It is the responsibility of the teams to make sure all equipment is working appropriately during the challenge. The Festival will not make any exceptions due to equipment failure. Please consider rendering and exporting times when scheduling.
  13. Films should open with 5 seconds of black and 5 seconds of a title card. Title card must include Team Name, Film Name, Prop, Line of Dialogue, and Genre given. End credits may be no longer than 60 seconds in length. This 60 seconds of credits may contain no story content. The time allotted to a title card and end credits is not included towards the 5-7 minutes allowed for the film. However, opening credits will be counted towards film time should a team wish to use them.
  14. All material must be self-composed or royalty free. This includes characters, images and music. However, no stock footage may be used, all video must be shot during the official time.
  15. Film makers keep all rights to the film after the screening at the Okotoks Film Festival. Film makers may submit the film to any film festivals and social media platforms or sell distribution rights. The Okotoks Film Festival maintains non-exclusive screening rights and can screen the films at Okotoks Film Festival events or use them for advertising purposes.
  16. Screening will take place on June 4th at 7:00PM at the Rotary Performing Arts Center. Following the screening will be an after party in the lobby.
  17. All awards will be given out at the 48-hour screening. Awards include: Best Film, Best use of line, Best use of Prop, Best use of genre, and Audience choice.
  18. Teams will be given 5 tickets to attend the screening. Any more tickets needed by a team must be bought.
  19. Any Team that doesn’t comply with these rules and regulations will be disqualified.

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